Borrowed Magic by Stephanie Foxe

Borrowed Magic: An Urban Fantasy Novel (Witch’s Bite Series Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

I’m Olivia Carter, a covenless witch.

Most witches have a coven, not me. For me, the protection a coven offers does not outweigh the risk of being discovered.

I’ve worked odd jobs here and there peddling (mostly) legal potions I brew when I can. But when an opportunity to work for the vampires fell in my lap, I took it.

I heal the people they feed on and don’t ask too many questions.

Less than six months working this gigĀ a girl turns up dead, drained of blood.

Of course, I am the first person the police pay a visit to. However, it’s not me they want to blame it on. They want my employer. I might want to stay under the radar, but lying about murder is not something I do.

Unfortunately, my favorite vampire and best friend has been missing for a week.

To find my friend and the real murderer, I’ll have to use the magic I’ve been hiding and hope no one finds out. That won’t be easy with a coven of witches tossing fireballs at my head and a persistent detective who might be stalking me.

Borrowed Magic is a page-turning urban fantasy with a sassy heroine, vampires that don’t sparkle, and magic that’s unique and refreshing.

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