Lost to Tomorrow by J.J. Green

Lost to Tomorrow

For lovers of dystopian and post-apocalyptic science fiction, a scifi novella and three stories in one discounted bundle.

Death Switch
A clone can save your life, at a price – but is the price worth paying? Yi Ling sees no escape from her abusive, controlling father and impending marriage, until her job as a genetic technician allows her the perfect opportunity.

At the Shadow’s Edge
A young man has died in mysterious circumstances. Pathologist Shi Ping is determined to find the cause, but her father is ill, and her past threatens to catch up with her.

North to Taibei
The global catastrophe, Peak Heat, had come and gone, leaving devastation in its wake. When all the adults in a survivors’ community perish, a group of children travel north to mythical Taibei, hoping to find the luxurious plenty of old Earth.

The Collector
Mr. Chiang’s shop is a treasure trove of artifacts from the legendary times before Peak Heat. With Ma and daughter Ching Yi by his side, his life is complete. But a stroke of bad luck leads an officer of the fledging government to his door, and suddenly he has everything to bargain for.

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