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Are you an author who would like your eBook featured on The eBook Bandit? We offer basic and premium promotion options.

Basic Promotion

We currently offer this service to authors for FREE! Your book will be listed in the appropriate catagory(s) on our sidebar, in our daily newsletter, and on our Facebook and Twitter pages. To qualify, your book MUST be discounted from its usual price or permanently free. If your story qualifies, please use the contact form below to tell us about your deal. Since we have a limited number of slots available, not every book will be chosen. If your book is selected, we will email you the date which it will be featured on the site. Due to an overwhelming amount of submissions, you will only hear from us if your book is selected. Please limit submissions to one book per day and wait 60 days before resubmitting the same book.

Premium Promotion

If you’d like guarantee your listing and see your book on our homepage, please upgrade to our premium promotion for $10. We will place your book on our homepage for a minimum of 24 hours, advertise it in one of the top spots on our newsletter, and post it on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Since this site recommends bargain books, our only requirement is for your book to be discounted from its usual price or permanently free. To purchase this package, fill out the form below and check the box that reads “upgrade to the premium package.” Please allow 2 business days for processing. During that time, you will receive a PayPal invoice from us.

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