Freefall by Felix R. Savage & Bill Patterson

Freefall: A First Contact Technothriller (Earth’s Last Gambit Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

An alien ship is orbiting Europa. A handful of astronauts must confront the threat, alone.

Despite NASA budget cuts threatening to put a sharp end to his career as an astronaut, British-born space shuttle pilot Jack Kildare knows without a doubt that his life will never be the same. Photographs snapped from the International Space Station reveal an alien spaceship in orbit around Europa, opening a terrifying new chapter in human history, and Jack finds himself in the center of a gigantic international effort to respond to the alien threat.

But when he is dismissed from NASA over a trumped-up security gaffe, Jack and his close friend Oliver Meeks combine their skills in an attempt to generate an innovative new development: a spaceship drive based on their observations of the alien craft’s technology.

With the unknown threat driving international competition and the entire planet’s spaceflight resources thrown into the fray, the focus of attention turns toward one single goal… a ship capable of traveling to Jupiter to confront the alien menace… the Spirit of Destiny. Amid unknown entities pushing to destroy the project from the inside out, and enemies baying for blood, Jack finds himself submerged in a world of secrets, sabotage attempts and cold-blooded murder.

Can Jack decode the secrets surrounding the arrival of the alien spaceship in our solar system? Or will his dreams of the ultimate space adventure be taken into the ashes with the Spirit of Destiny?

ABOUT FREEFALL: Freefall is the first book of a fast-paced quartet of technothrillers. It contains hard science fiction elements in the tradition of The Martian and other science-based thrillers. You won’t need a calculator to follow the story, but if you’d like to build a spaceship to the Spirit of Destiny’s specifications, it really will take you to Jupiter! ($300 billion budget not included.)

Lifeboat and Shiplord, the second and third books in the Earth’s Last Gambit Quartet, are now available.

“Prepare to be Savaged in this masterpiece of Sci-Fi adventure, that leaves you stunned, awed and captivated as you follow the desperate plight of the crew of the SoD!” — Jas P, Amazon Reviewer

“Thumbs up, ready for the next round of excitement! Great sci fi. Each day of reading is like the next episode of my favorite show.” — Ted P, Amazon Reviewer

“I absolutely loved these books! I couldn’t put them down. The personalities of all, human and alien alike, were intoxicating.” –Natalie Paesani, Amazon Reviewer

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REV by T.R. Harris

REV (REV Warriors Series Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

They made him SUPER HUMAN.
Now what do they do with him?
International bestselling science fiction author T.R. Harris introduces his exciting new Military/Space Opera series about the future of space warfare…and the destiny of mankind.

The REV Warriors Series
Book 1: REV

Every kid wanted to be a REV, but very few ever would.

Zac Murphy was the most-badass REV warrior in the Corps. He’d gone on more Runs and killed more aliens than any single Human alive. He’d been one of the early volunteers for the NT-4 Program, which used a powerful performance-enhancing drug to turn ordinary Marines into super killing machines. Affectionately called REV, the drug wasn’t for everyone. Few made it through the screening process, and fewer still into the Fleet.

Zac was the most-senior REV alive, a miracle of science and a legend in the Corps. His job was to be the battering ram for the Marines, the first in while revved up on NT-4. During a Run he was a mindless killing machine, dangerous to both foe and friend alike. That’s why his fellow Marines gave him a wide berth until he could be put down by the Twilight drug. At that point he was somewhat manageable.

But something was happening to Zac. Long after most other REVs were dead, burned out or ‘retired,’ Zac was growing stronger, more powerful.

He was also doing what no REV had ever done before during a Run. He was beginning to think.

The REV Warrior Series was designed for the fans of T.R. Harris and his other popular space opera series The Human Chronicles Saga, featuring the larger-than-life hero Adam Cain. If you like stories about super Humans, large scale military operations against deadly aliens, mech warriors and just plain old shoot-em-up science fiction adventure,then REV is for you.

And as with all the books by T.R. Harris, there’s no fluff and all action in REV, interlaced with wry humor and acerbic wit.

Pick up your copy of REV today.

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Earthweeds by Rod Little

Earthweeds (Sons of Neptune Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

For nine people, the end of the world is just the beginning…

Two students return from a mountain camping trip to find an empty city: Pittsburgh is desolate. Only a few living souls remain in the countryside… until the lizards appear. The size of komodo dragons, they flood the city and attack the few remaining people, while fighting each other for the remaining food supply …with the humans caught in the middle.

A teenage boy with electric powers, a college student who can communicate with animals, a scientist with a dark secret, and a band of psychopaths with their own agenda… all come together.

Defending each other from the evils of men and creatures alike, the last humans form separate camps in a race to unravel the mystery of the deserted cities, the swarming creatures, and the threat to humankind. While fighting off the giant monsters that sprang from nowhere, they search for clues that lead to strange devices and the possibility of involvement from other planets.

But mysteries remain surrounding the end of the world.

Sam, born with the ability to generate electric charges, teams up with a boy who can understand the language of birds and spiders, and together they set out to find the answers. Another camp led by a mad scientist is racing to find his own answers, but for a very different reason.
A post-apocalyptic science fiction adventure…blending together elements of monsters, survivalists, special abilities and the mysteries of ancient alien artifacts.

Earthweeds is Volume 1 in the Sons of Neptune series.

” Compelling book! Science Fiction should always be this fun and engaging to read.” – Top2040 Sci-Fi

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The Survivors by Angela White

The Survivors (Life After War Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

The Apocalypse, Magic, Love, and a Battle for All Humanity 

Adrian is an alpha descendant with gifts that allow him to call and charm others like himself. After the apocalypse that was caused by his father, Adrian is charged with gathering all free descendants in America for the remaining government. Instead of hunting them, the Marine forms Safe Haven Refugee Camp and creates a dream that even his betrayals can’t crush.

Angela is also an alpha, but she has been forced to hide her gifts for a long time. When the world ends, she risks everything to reconnect with the power inside and finally makes peace with who she is. Angela uses those powers to cross the broken country to reach her vacationing son, who has been taken in by a refugee camp called Safe Haven. Unaware of government trackers, the doctor continues to demonstrate how gifted she is as she travels, drawing more threats to their haven.

Marc is a moody Invisible whose powers haven’t presented yet. Denied a relationship with his soulmate, Marc is tall, dark, handsome, and only cares for his broken heart. Finding out that he has a child sends the military man to Safe Haven in hopes of reconnecting with his past. Sparks fly when Marc discovers Adrian’s secrets, triggering his alpha power and a battle between the two men for the love of one woman and leadership.

The government isn’t doing well underground. They’re running out of food and water, birth numbers are dropping like stones, and they have too many enemies topside to reclaim it alone. They need the power of the descendants or the meek will inherit the country. Benjamin, a member of the traitorous family who caused it all, would rather see the earth shrivel and die than to leave it to the survivors. He knows the descendants can help him put the world back to the way it was, if he can force enough of them to join his cause. The easiest way to do that is to kill the leaders or take their children.

Samantha can predict storms and sometimes control the elements. Drafted from a cushy job, Samantha escapes captivity and makes her way to the only place left in America where she’ll be protected. Sam learns Adrian’s secrets, but Safe Haven has become her home by then and the beta will sacrifice anything to protect it.

Kendle used to be a TV star. Thanks to a tidal wave and an outbreak aboard the cruise ship, she was stranded on Pitcairn Island for months after the war. While there, she was infected by an unknown disease that caused violent rages which progressed to madness in the rest of the population. Kendle survived when almost no else did and evolved into a beta from the horror. As she recovered, Kendle figured out a way to get home. She succeeded and brought the illness with her to Safe Haven.

Nature is the enemy as she tries to push humanity over the brink of extinction with volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, diseases, animal attacks, and harsh weather. Mother Nature knows the Creator is bringing these descendants together for a final post-apocalyptic battle that will save the world or finish burying it under the ashes. She’s trying to lower the numbers so she’ll have the advantage in that fight. Nature wants the plague of humans gone and she’ll go to any lengths to accomplish that goal. She’ll even challenge a Creator for it.

The Survivors is book one of an epic fantasy series where a few gifted women and men are now all that stands between humankind and extinction. They’ve been called together in this time and place to provide safety for the remnants of society. Would you care to see how it all plays out? Just grab a copy and you can come along for the ride. Everyone is welcome in Safe Haven.

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The Heirs of Earth by Daniel Arenson

The Heirs of Earth (Children of Earthrise Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

We hide in shadows. Our planet is lost. We are the last humans, and we must go home.

Two thousand years ago, aliens destroyed Earth. Our fleets shattered. Billions died. The last humans fled a burning planet, heading to the stars.

Today we are still refugees. Hungry. Afraid. Our enemies hunt us everywhere.

So we hide. On distant asteroids. In rundown space stations. In deep caves on frozen worlds. And we dream.

Of green hills. Blue skies. Golden fields. We dream of Earth.

And for the first time, we have hope.

A few of us, just a handful of brave souls, form the Heirs of Earth. We are humans who stand tall. Who fight back. Aliens call us terrorists. The humans we save call us heroes. We have starships, weapons, and warriors. We can bring humanity home.

Earth is far. We have not seen her in many generations. But we have not forgotten. Earth is our heritage. Earth is our birthright. We will return!

In 2016, the Earthrise series became a surprise bestseller, captivating hundreds of thousands of readers around the world. Set two thousand years later, Children of Earthrise begins a new story, one for both new readers and old fans.

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Understanding the Stars by Xela Culletto

Understanding the Stars (The “Stars” Series) (Kindle Edition)

Between her father’s terminal disease, high school graduation, and a job delivering pizza, Alexandra Blackwood’s life is complicated enough. But when she leaves on another routine delivery and meets Ronan, a handsome stranger with an alien-entangled past, life goes from complicated to perilous. He warns that she’s been the unwitting victim of an alien experiment gone wrong and sets out to help her escape looming abduction, and maybe win her heart.
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The Phase Transition by Ryan Okerlund

The Phase Transition (Rise of the Gray Order Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

For millennia humanity has fought against the notion of magic. Superstition and irrational fear have slowly been replaced with reason and logic. Our species entered the twenty-first century with only the slightest trappings of our former, peasant selves. This was our downfall. For science and magic are merely transitory fluctuations our planet has experienced a thousand times in its history. As has happened in the past, so must happen again. As the Phase sweeps over the earth, America is lost in chaos. Electricity and gunpowder become useless, and anarchy rules. From amongst this pandemonium strikes forth one man, an ancient from the dark past, who realizes the plight of humanity and strives to create order in the bedlam of the present. Professor Avedesh gathers those he knows to have the magical strength of the ancients; those whose very genes carry power. Fighting off starvation and shadowy cults that pursue them, the Professor must teach his followers to use their latent powers, not only to save themselves, but civilization.


Readers had this to say:

— “Not since Stephen King started his Dark Tower series have I read a book this intriguing and different.” — J. Leyk

— “The book pulls you in on the very first page and just gets better and better.” — Jlott49

— “I really enjoyed this book. I don’t usually buy the sequel but this one had me hooked.” — Karen Garcia Rudisill

— “Awesome book, I couldn’t put it down.” — Ryan Aamot

— “This is a must read for all intelligent, deep-thinking, open minded sci-fi individuals. — Patty Jones

— “What a fun read. Thought provoking and entertaining all at once.” — Cassie Kappes

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The First 30 Days by Alicin Welsh

The First 30 Days (Kindle Edition)

No electricity. No running water. Modern medicine, communication and transportation-gone in an instant. How would you survive? Would you want to…..

The life Anna and Bryan have created for their small family represents the epitome of the modern, on the go, do everything family. Living in a small country town with their two teenage sons, they have enjoyed the relative safety and security that the modern world has allowed them to. The luxury of being able to be in constant communication with each other, having basic necessities like food readily available, along with the security blanket that money provides, was something none of them ever fully appreciated. In one instant that would change.

After an EMP attack on US soil wipes out the electrical grid, Anna, Bryan and the boys must find each other and work together to learn to navigate the challenges this new world will present. Anna needs to learn to let go, that some things, even staying alive, will be out of her control. Bryan must escape from a prison, 100 miles from home, where he worked as a corrections officer until the inmates took over. Cole must learn to embrace his adult voice and Elijah will face challenges none of them can imagine. Loved ones will be lost, resources depleted, and the safety of their family unit threatened by delinquents that move into the area.

As society quickly crumbles around them how will they cope? With law enforcement nonexistent those in need will soon use any means necessary to get what they want. Everyone must do what they can to survive, Anna and Bryan know this, but their will to protect their family is resilient. Will it be enough to keep everyone together and safe? Will they succeed in finding each other while still remaining true to who they are? Anna, Bryan, Cole and Elijah tell their story of surviving in a new world for The First 30 Days.

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The Antithesis by Terra Whiteman

The Antithesis: Inception (Kindle Edition)

Heaven, Hell, genetic engineering, particle physics and bloodshed.

Civil war between demons and angels lies just on the horizon.

Alezair Czynri, member of the Purgatorial Jury, is thrown into a world of murder, exploitation, chemical substances, betrayal and bureaucratic red tape as he and his court attempt to diffuse escalating conflicts.

Yet things are not as they seem. Ever since his induction into the Celestial Court, Alezair has been treated with cool indifference by the Justice Commander, Leid Koseling. A former prisoner of the Nexus Initiative, Justice Czynri exists without any memories of his former life, the consequence of being a slave merc for hire.

But Purgatory is strangely familiar, and slowly little pieces start coming back. There might be a good reason why Alezair’s boss keeps him at arm’s length.

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The Chronothon by Nathan Van Coops

The Chronothon: A Time Travel Adventure (Kindle Edition)

Run from the past. Run from the future. Run for your lives.

He’s a novice time traveler in a big universe.

Ben just wants time with the scientist’s daughter who got him into this, but when he’s rooked into competing in a chronothon–an Amazing Race through time–getting the girl means he’ll need to make the finish line. When he finds out this competition is more than just a sprint through history, winning takes a back seat to surviving. To save the people he loves, he’ll have to conquer the real dangers hidden in the shadows of the chronothon.

The world of time travelers expands in this next installment of the In Times Like These time travel series. Fans of book one will find more to love, but new readers can jump right in and enjoy this stand-alone time travel novel. Expect action, adventure, and romance on this journey through past and future. Fresh dangers will arise for Ben and company in a quest for the finish line, where failure to keep up will cost more than just a shot at glory—it could mean the end for them all.

Either of the first two books in the series may be read independently. Start your adventure today!

Frequently enjoyed by fans of Douglas E. Richards, Jodi Taylor, and Robert Heinlein.

What The Chronothon reviewers are saying:

“Easily the coolest time travel adventure that I’ve ever read.”-Eric L. Fisher, Amazon US. ★★★★★

“…a time travel version of Hunger Games.” Jeffrey Ellis-Amazon customer.

“I actually read right through the night the day I started.” -Dancing Queen, Amazon UK. ★★★★★

“In terms of well developed characters and an intricate story line that never falls apart, this book was pure pleasure to read.” -Glenn Younger, Goodreads. ★★★★★

“I’m an avid reader who likes all kinds of books, Sci fi, romance, alt history, werewolves, little old lady mysteries… This was a great ride and I couldn’t put it down.”-Amazon Customer “Irelynkiss” ★★★★★

“EXCELLENT book…They need to make a movie out of this!!!!”-Cleany “neeks”-Amazon customer. ★★★★★

“I honestly think this is the best time travel book I have ever read… non-stop adventure.” Angie T.D., Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer. Amazon UK.★★★★★

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