The Big Dreams Beach Hotel by Lilly Bartlett & Michele Gorman

The Big Dreams Beach Hotel (Kindle Edition)

Wriggle your toes in the sand and feel the warm breeze on your face at the hotel that’s full of dreams…

Three years after ditching her career in New York City, Rosie never thought she’d still be managing the quaint faded Victorian hotel in her seaside hometown.

What’s worse, the hotel’s new owners are turning it into a copy of their Florida properties. Flamingos and all. Cultures are clashing and the hotel’s residents stand in the way of the developers’ plans. The hotel is both their home and their family.

That’s going to make Rory’s job difficult when he arrives to enforce the changes. And Rosie isn’t exactly on his side, even though it’s the chance to finally restart her career. Rory might be charming, but he’s still there to evict her friends.

How can she follow her dreams if it means ending everyone else’s?

If you love the romance, friendship and laugh out loud situations in Debbie Macomber, Elin Hilderbrand and Susan Mallery books, then you’re in for a treat with this laugh-out-loud romantic comedy by bestselling romance author Lilly Bartlett, packed with feel-good friendship, loads of fun and a gorgeous will they/won’t they romance.

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Praise for Lilly Bartlett and The Big Dreams Beach Hotel

“The happy plot is charming… very entertaining.” Publisher’s Weekly
“Absolutely gorgeous!” Debbie Johnson
“A fun, sassy writer who always makes me smile.” Carole Matthews
“So engaging and witty.” Sophie Kinsella
“Full of enjoyment, humour and utter brilliance” 5* Ali the Dragon Slayer
“Funny, charming and irresistibly sweet. I loved every minute of this and raced through from first page to last” Jen Med’s Book Reviews
“Wowzer, it’s phenomenal! Rosie is one of the best characters I’ve read this year” 10 out of 10 Paige Turner Reviews
“Utterly fabulous, completely hilarious, a pure escapist read” 5* Rachel’s Random Reads
“Gorman’s writing is warm, witty and wonderful.” Matt Dunn
“An undeniable sense of fun on every page.” Nick Spalding
“I was buzzing through the pages – a story I HIGHLY recommend!” Mrs Mommy Booknerd
“Enchanting, huggable, gigglefest – the perfect antidote for when antics in the real world are severely tragic” The Writing Garnet
“A brilliant cast of eccentric and very memorable characters” Cheryl’s M-M Reviews
“A fun, fondant-sweet, dream of a plot but with a melancholic edge to tug at your heartstrings” My Chestnut Reading Tree
“Witty dialogue, engaging and relatable characters – I flew through this story in record time” Books of All Kinds
“A beautiful story – a perfect pick-me-up – such a lot of laugh-out-loud moments” BrizzleLass Books
“Delightful friendships, witty writing and a sweet romance that is guaranteed to entertain” Rae Reads

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Shall Not Perish by Richard Tongue

Shall Not Perish (Lincoln’s War Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

USS Abraham Lincoln, Old Abe, once the flagship of the United States Space Fleet, a veteran of two interstellar wars, now coming to the end of her service, relegated to a mere fighter transport. Her crew a patchwork of veterans near retirement and rookies too green for the rest of the fleet, her commanding officer passed-over twice for her first star. A place where careers go to die.

Until, early one morning, she finds herself on the front lines of her third interstellar war, the only ship standing between victory and defeat. Caught in a strange, hostile universe, Old Abe and her crew must fight the battle of their lives, or see freedom and liberty extinguished throughout the galaxy forever…

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Ash by Tom Abrahams

Ash (The Alt Apocalypse Book 1) (Kindle Edition)


The Alt Apocalypse is the newest ground-breaking series from Tom Abrahams.

It explores survival under the most extreme circumstances, but with a twist (and no cliff-hangers).This series, which can be read in any order, features the same core characters in each complete story. But every book dunks them into a new, alternate apocalypse; a nuclear holocaust, an earthquake, a flood, a wildfire, a hurricane, a plague, and even zombies.  

Different heroes will emerge in each novel. Different characters will survive and perish. Your favorite character dies in one book? He or she will be back in the next. In the end you’ll unwind the loose thread that connects every character and every stand-alone story.  

In ASH, Abrahams tells the story of four college friends, an ex-con, a lonely fry cook, and a secretive group of prepared civilians as they each battle to survive in southern California after a series of nuclear attacks. Theirs is a gray world covered in ash and nuclear fallout. 

Do they hunker down? Do they bug out? Do they find their salvation above ground or below?

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The P.R.I.M.E.R. Goal Setting Method by Damon Zahariades

The P.R.I.M.E.R. Goal Setting Method: The Only Goal Achievement Guide You’ll Ever Need! (Kindle Edition)

Finally! A Step-By-Step Blueprint For Setting Goals You’ll Actually Achieve!

Are you sick and tired of setting goals that rarely pan out? Are you frustrated with pursuing dreams that never come to pass?

If so, you’ll love The P.R.I.M.E.R. Goal Setting Method.

Imagine knowing you can accomplish anything you set out to do. Imagine pursuing a new skill, a coveted promotion, a promising relationship, a toned physique, or financial independence, without a shred of doubt that you’ll succeed.

This can be your reality. You can learn how to set goals that always bear fruit. Moreover, you may be surprised by how simple doing so is.

DOWNLOAD The P.R.I.M.E.R. Goal Setting Method: The Only Goal Achievement Guide You’ll Ever Need!

Amazon bestselling author Damon Zahariades provides a clear, concise, and actionable system for accomplishing anything you set out to do. You’ll learn how to approach goal setting in a way that practically guarantees success. Along the way, you’ll experience a massive boost in self-confidence. After achieving goal after goal, you’ll begin to anticipate success as a foregone conclusion.

In The P.R.I.M.E.R. Goal Setting Method, you’ll discover:


  • 7 Reasons You’re Failing To Achieve Your Goals (And What To Do About Each One!)


  • The Top 10 Goal-Setting Systems Used Today (And How Each Of Them Is Seriously Flawed)


  • My Personal 6-Step Method For Setting Goals That Always Deliver Results


  • A Quick-Start Guide To Tracking Your Progress


  • One Of The Most Important Steps In Setting Goals (It’s Overlooked By Today’s Popular Systems)


  • Which Is Better: Goals Or Routines? (The Answer May Surprise You)


  • Why You Should Always Perform A Goal Autopsy On Failed Goals (And How To Do It!)


If you’ve ever felt defeated or discouraged by failed goals, realize it has nothing to do with your ability or potential. You can accomplish more than you imagine. The “secret” is to follow the right approach to goal achievement.

The P.R.I.M.E.R. Goal Setting Method gives you a simple, but incredibly effective, step-by-step process you can use today! It’s practical. It’s actionable. And if you follow it closely, it’ll deliver extraordinary results!

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Release date: July 7, 2018.

The Greenest Branch by P.K. Adams

The Greenest Branch: A Novel of Germany’s First Female Physician (Hildegard of Bingen Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

An ambitious woman. Medieval Church hierarchy. The struggle will be epic.

“Hauntingly beautiful and meticulously researched. P.K. Adams writes about the Middle Ages like someone who has lived there. Hildegard’s story is inspiring, and her voice feels so real that it’s almost spooky.” – Jessica Cale, author of Tyburn

In the Greenest Branch, the medieval era comes vividly to life in all its romanticism and splendor, but the societal strictures that prevent women from being able to access education and live independent lives are also on display.

The year is 1115, and Germany is torn apart by a conflict between the Emperor and the Pope over who should have the right to appoint bishops and control the empire’s vast estates. In that atmosphere, young Hildegard is sent to the Abbey of St. Disibod in the Rhineland as her parents’ gift to the Church in accordance with a custom known as the tithe.

Hildegard has a deep love of nature and a knowledge of herbal healing that might make more than one Church official suspicious of witchery, and she hopes to purse medical studies at St. Disibod. But no sooner does she settle into her new life than she finds out that as a girl she will not be allowed to attend the monastic school or have access to the abbey’s library; instead, she must stay at the women’s convent, isolated from the rest of the community and from the town.

It might seem that Hildegard’s dreams have quickly come to an end. Yet she refuses to be sidelined. Against fierce opposition from Prior Helenger, the hostile head of the monks’ cloister, she finds another way to learn – by securing an apprenticeship with Brother Wigbert who runs the infirmary and is in dire need of a capable assistant. Under his supervision, she begins to train as the abbey’s first female physician.

When Hildegard’s reputation starts to spread throughout the Rhineland, Helenger’s persecution escalates as he fears losing control over the women’s community. But that is not the only challenge she must grapple with. She has developed feelings for Volmar, a fellow Benedictine novice, that force Hildegard to re-examine the fundamental assumptions she has made about her life. Is the practice of medicine within the monastic confines her true calling, or is a quiet existence of domestic contentment more desirable?

With the pressures mounting and threatening to derail her carefully-laid plans, Hildegard becomes locked in a struggle that will either earn her an unprecedented freedom or relegate her to irrevocable oblivion.

The Greenest Branch is the first in a two-book series based on the true story of Hildegard of Bingen, Germany’s first female physician and one of the few women to attain that position in medieval Europe. Set against the backdrop of the lush oak forests and sparkling rivers of the Rhineland, it is a tale of courage, strength, sacrifice, and love that will appeal to fans of Ken Follett, Umberto Eco, Elizabeth Chadwick, Margaret Frazer, Bernard Cornwell, Conn Iggulden – and to anyone who enjoys strong female protagonists in historical fiction.

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Release date: June 18, 2018.

Blood Magic by Anna T Holloway

Blood Magic: Saga of the Guardians (Kindle Edition)

Mitch Castle was a sweet-talking Sgt of Arms for his motorcycle club, Night Prowlers. The youngest boy of the Pride had no trouble finding a woman to warm his bed. He seemed to always have a girl on his arm until he met his last charge. When Fate came calling, pushing her into the arms of another, he was heartbroken. To fill that hole, he dove into his work, hunting a demon that was killing witches. Besides, keeping his mind on work was better than thinking about her.

Until he comes across the woman in the woods…

Eva Siverling didn’t like her destiny. She tried running from it; however, you can’t run from magic. Eva’s sister died at the hands of a demon but not before she cast a spell to trap her soul from him. Eva will have to dive into a life she never wanted, trust people she never expected and become who she never imagined, to stop Orion from bleeding her other sisters dry.

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Dying for Data by Cassidy Salem

Dying for Data (Adina Donati, Accidental Sleuth Book 2) (Kindle Edition)

A rival suitor and a deadly attack are enough to put a damper on any date.
A romantic evening with a hot guy goes downhill fast when their dinner is interruptedby the scream of sirens and the arrival of Adina’s favorite police detective. Afraid her bartender boyfriend might be accused of murder, Adina’s neighbor enlists her assistance, and in the process exposes her to the seamier side of illegal immigration and crime in the city. Hard as she tries to limit her involvement, the more Adina learns, the more she needs to know – until a case of mistaken identity lands her in hot water. Will she uncover the truth before it’s too late?
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The Mysterious Package by Christa Nardi & Cassidy Salem

The Mysterious Package (A Hannah and Tamar Mystery Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

Hannah and Tamar are looking forward to spending Thanksgiving break with their grandparents. On the long ride to Vermont, the sisters are quick to offer assistance when a fellow passenger – a girl in her late teens – is hassled by a rough-looking young man. Grateful as she may be for their help, Gwen is in no hurry to make friends, not even as she thrusts a mysterious package into Tamar’s hand and disappears in the Rutland train station. Puzzled by her behavior, Hannah and Tamar set out to locate Gwen and unravel the secret of the mysterious package.
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The Viscount and the Vicar’s Daughter by Mimi Matthews

The Viscount and the Vicar’s Daughter: A Victorian Romance (Kindle Edition)

England, 1861. A world-weary rake and a prim vicar’s daughter are thrown together during a holiday house party. Will they discover there’s more to each other than meets the eye? Or will revelations from the past end their fragile romance before it begins?

After years of unbridled debauchery, Tristan Sinclair, Viscount St. Ashton has hit proverbial rock bottom. Seeking to escape his melancholy, he takes refuge at one of Victorian society’s most notorious house parties. As the Christmas season approaches, he prepares to settle in for a month of heavy drinking…until an unexpected encounter changes his plans–and threatens his heart.

Valentine March is not the drab little spinster she appears to be. When her new job as a lady’s companion lands her smack in the middle of Yorkshire with England’s most infamous rake, she resolves to keep her head down and her eyes fixed firmly on her future–a future which most definitely does not include a sinfully handsome viscount.

A friendship is impossible. An affair out of the question. But when one reckless act binds them together, will two star-crossed souls discover there’s more to each other than meets the eye? Or will revelations from the past end their fragile romance before it begins?

The Viscount and the Vicar’s Daughter is a sweet (i.e. clean) standalone Victorian romance of approximately 50,000 words.

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Stella and Sol: The Complete Series by Kimberly Loth

Stella and Sol: The Complete Series (Kindle Edition)

And on the other side of the wall, I will probably die.

But I had to cross the fog.

Otherwise my sister—my best friend—would lose her unborn child. All because of an unexpected prophecy.

Now I had to go to Sol, a place where they murdered my people for sport. It wouldn’t matter that I was a prince, they would see me as an enemy. Not only that, I had to find a way to convince their princess to marry me.

If I failed…then death would come upon us all.

But first.

The baby would die.

With breathless romance, unexpected betrayal, and a ruthless hidden dictator, this incredible fantasy will leave you begging for more.

Download it now!

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