Why Snowflakes Fall by Alexis Cleoford

Why Snowflakes Fall: Crystal’s Twinkle

The quest for an ancient note and life purpose. A winter village under threat. The melting season looming on the horizon…
Find out how Crystal the snowflake reignites her twinkle

Crystal, an animated snowflake, lives in a world of twinkly lights, mountains of snow, and the spark of winter. Her life feels almost perfect, but it also feels like something is missing. Crystal realizes that she must find out what her life is for before she melts at the end of the winter season.

Crystal is young and determined. She doesn’t let anything get in the way of her quest for a life purpose; not mysterious avalanches, threatening notes, friendship drama, nor her own fears. Crystal befriends a neighbor who tells her about an ancient riddle that may help Crystal find her purpose.

Crystal loves the cheerful and dreamy winter landscape of her small, icy town in North America and lets nothing diminish the spark of its magical, Christmassy feeling. One day, she finds notes that can scare the fluff off even the bravest snowflakes. Crystal tries to solve the mystery of the threatening notes so that her village can remain peaceful and sparkly.
Through some luck, Crystal is able to have the flight of her dreams on a winged creature which leads Crystal closer to finding her purpose and discovering the source of the threats. Crystal warms the hearts of others and remains hopeful despite constantly dealing with fearful friends.

In fact, Crystal has one problem; no one wants to help her on her journey to make her village safe and help her find the purpose of snowflakes.

Will Crystal find her purpose and solve the riddle before winter ends or will she be forced to fall from the sky, at the wind’s mercy, without any sense of direction? Will she carve her own path? Will she keep her town safe?

When the winter season finally comes to an end and the mountains begin to lose their white coat and look like they are dressed in threadbare garments, Crystal and all the animated snowflakes undergo an incredible transformation through the water cycle. Crystal is blessed with a restart and feels refreshed. Does Crystal figure out the meaning of her new start?

This heartwarming middle-grade book is a fun children’s literature read and is an appropriate book for kids ages 10-14. Grown-ups enjoy it as well. This winter-themed book for kids teaches children about independence, teamwork, persistence, and belief in oneself. It will inspire kids to value what matters most.

Alexis Cleoford’s Real Hamsters Don’t Bite is nominated for Readers Choice Award by TCK Publishing

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