Surprise Baby for My Billionaire Boss by Jessica Brooke & Ella Brooke

Surprise Baby for My Billionaire Boss (A Billionaire’s Baby Romance)

Iris was was off-limits.
The daughter of my best friend.
It was wrong.
But did that stop me?

Not a chance.

I was a goner the second those curves and brown pooling eyes walked into my office.

But as much as I was “enjoying” my new little secretary, there was a surprise in store.

Iris got pregnant.

Fatherhood wasn’t meant to be on the cards for me.
I don’t know how to be a dad.
We’re fools to think this could work, right?
I’m old enough to me her goddamn father.

Maybe this is the worst thing I’ve ever done?
Or maybe Iris and this baby are the best things that have ever happened to me?

Time to find out…

Note:Surprise Baby for My Billionaire Boss is 45k of hot, forbidden romance, and features more bonus books for your enjoyment!

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Release date January 15, 2018.