NEPTUNE ISLAND: A Fast-Paced Action Adventure Thriller (A Lincoln Monk Adventure Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

Neptune Island is Tony Reed’s debut novel and Amazon #1 best seller, with one million pages read online and five thousand copies sold.

In the tradition of Clive Cussler, the Bond films and Indiana Jones, Neptune Island is a non-stop rollercoaster ride of action and adventure with the unexpected at every turn.


A landslide destroys a fishing village on a remote island.

Two divers are executed after discovering a hidden cavern.

Quantum physicists are disappearing around the globe.



Lincoln Monk, ex-cop, leaves the rat race with a simple plan: travel the world, work along the way, and live the dream.

But life seldom goes according to plan.

Lincoln hasn’t been to the island in some time, and for good reason—he prefers to let old wounds heal. But when he receives an encrypted data drive just days after an old flame dies under mysterious circumstances, he feels compelled to return and find answers.

With help from a group of assorted misfits, Lincoln’s investigation leads to mysterious Neptune Island and the compound of billionaire Jonathan Kane. Faced with deadly jungle and Kane’s army of mercenaries, can Lincoln discover the secret behind Neptune Island before Kane unleashes his devastating plan and changes the course of history?


With a dash of sci-fi, and a smidgeon of humor and romance, Neptune Island is sure to please fans of   pulse-pounding action and adventure.

Get your copy today and discover the secrets of Neptune Island.


This is the updated and revised version of Neptune Island.  11/20/17



“Reads like a blockbuster action film…” Amazon UK reviewer

“Cussler fans will love this.” Amazon reviewer

“Action-Adventure/Excitement/Suspense/LOL Humor/Engaging Characters—Neptune Island has it all.” Amazon reviewer

“A fun satisfying read… reminiscent of the early Bond films. I finished it in one sitting….”

Amazon reviewer

“…villains, henchmen, monsters, earthquakes, explosions. I’m worn out just reading the Book.”Amazon reviewer​

“…part Reacher, part Cussler, part Reilly, and part Crichton. A very entertaining read thoroughly enjoyable.” Amazon reviewer

“…A modern fast-paced Dr No.” Amazon reviewer

“Funny and serious at times never a dull moment. A must read if you like some sci-fi.”

Amazon reviewer

“Action, action and more action with a little romance added in.” Amazon reviewer

“Great story well written, constant action with great characters, hard to put down.”

Amazon reviewer

“…shades of Matthew Reilly, a touch of Clive Cussler, film quotes, girls, planes, reminded me of the Bond films…” Amazon UK reviewer


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