Claus of Attraction by Wednesday Noir

Claus of Attraction

Nic doesn’t want to be Santa. All he wants is to shed the North Keep and move to the outside world. But when his father retires, and the Christmas Spirit chooses him as a successor instead of his older brother, Kris, he has no choice. Nic must don the familiar red suit and become the Santa the North Keep needs but doesn’t want to keep their world alive.

With sick elves and tough decisions, it won’t be easy. Especially not when the Christmas Spirit chooses Nic a sassy wife.

All Holly wants is to pickpocket enough cash to spend her Christmas on a Florida beach with her feet in the sand and a margarita in hand. But when a mysterious snow globe appears at her motel’s door Holly is brought to a world that no one knows exists.  Holly finds the home she always wanted at the North Keep but life with a broody Santa isn’t easy.

With Nic’s broodily, quiet personality and a cold Christmas season can Holly and Nic find enough hope to save Christmas?

Claus of Attraction is a 25k+ romantic erotica with a broody but sweet Santa ready to warm your heart this Holiday season. Best read with a cup of Hot Cocoa.

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