The Future’s Not Ours To See by Jean Grainger

The Future’s Not Ours To See: The Carmel Sheehan Series Book 2 (Kindle Edition)

Carmel is stuck. The future could be bright, but something is stopping her.
Despite the promise of a bright future away from Ireland, Carmel Sheehan is drawn back to the miserable marriage she feels duty-bound to honour. But when she returns to her monosyllabic husband and his malicious sister, she begins to realize that she cannot endure them any longer.

She finally understands that she can’t begin to live a fulfilled life until she uncovers what led her to where she is now. Armed only with some letters and an old photograph, she begins the arduous journey of discovery as she tries to decipher her tangled past, and embrace the possibilities of a future that has been in the making since before she was born.
In this story, Jean Grainger once again gets to the heart of Ireland. The Future’s Not Ours to See is a story as heart wrenching as it is triumphant.

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