Tips for Book Lovers on a Budget

1.  Join a mailing list or two. Sites like Bookbub, The Fussy Librarian, Many Books, Book Raid, and our site, The eBook Bandit, get discount information directly from authors. Books ranging from top publisher new releases and best sellers to stories from great indie authors are marked down during the year. By joining a few of these lists, you know about these deals and get to take advantage of them before the price goes back up! 

2.  Use your local library. Those shelves are stocked full of books from the literary greats, why not read them for free? If your library charges a membership fee, it’ll be well worth having a physical copy of the book in your hands. Sure, you can read eBooks anywhere, but there’s something about flipping those pages that just feels good.

3.  Trade books with friends who read. That’s a literal way to get two for the price of one!

4.  Keep a lookout for freebies. eBooks are regularly discounted to free. Authors do this in hopes of getting their names out there. It’s tough competition! Many times the first book in a series is given in hopes you’ll get hooked and read more. Wouldn’t that be great though?

5.  Follow your favorite authors on Twitter/ join their newsletters. Authors often give information on new releases and discounts. Some even give kindle freebies and have contests for things such as signed copies of their books!

6.  Check coupon sites for savings. Sites like Retail Me Not often have coupons for physical and online goods from the top vendors such as Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million.

7.  Get or borrow the eBook. Are you a have it in your hands die-hard book lover? Why not give eBooks a try? They are almost always cheaper than the physical copies, and you don’t have to worry about taking the book with you. You can have your whole library on your phone or tablet. You can also use apps like Libby to borrow eBooks from the library for free!

No Regrets by Mary Christian Payne

No Regrets: A Novel of Love and Lies in World War II England (The Thornton Trilogy Book 1)

World War II will tear them apart, but soul mates are forever bound together…

No Regrets is a captivating, straight from the heart historical novel set in England during World War II. This is a story for everyone who has ever wondered if there are truly soul mates.

Sloan Thornton is the heir to Highcroft Hall, the family seat of the Earl of Wessex, in the quaint village of Thornton-on-Sea on the southeast coast of England. He has always dreamed of finding his soul mate. Just before he leaves to fight in World War II, as an RAF pilot, he proposes to his childhood sweetheart. There is no question how deep his devotion is to her, and how naturally they bring out the best in each other.

One fateful afternoon overseas, Sloan encounters Elise in a rural farmhouse on a French country road. It is May, 1940, and the Dunkirk Beaches are being evacuated. Sloan is wounded when his plane is shot down by the Luftwaffe. After he meets Elise, he can never forget her. He carries her memory with him throughout the war. In the meantime, Elise suffers terrifying misfortune.

When they meet again for the first time in five years, the spark is still there. But, there is still Anne, who refuses to be left heartbroken and rejected. Sloan begins to question whether the life he’s living is the one he’s meant to live. Elise wonders the same thing.

No Regrets is a powerful story about one woman at the crossroads of true love and real life.

Get the rest of the books in the Thornton Trilogy:

Book 1: No Regrets —
Book 2: No Gentleman —
Book 3: No Secrets —

This English historical romance trilogy set during World War II will leave you captivated and wanting more from author Mary Christian Payne. Luckily, the author has over a dozen published historical romance novels, and a few new books that will be released soon.

Kindle Edition: Check Amazon for Pricing Digital Only

The Harvest by Scott Nicholson

The Harvest

For fans of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and Scott Sigler, from a #1 bestselling Kindle author.

An infection that consumes and changes people…

When an alien entity lands in the remote Appalachian Mountains, a clairvoyant psychology professor, a drunken dirt farmer, and a disillusioned tycoon must team up to stop it before the infection spreads.

But with Windshake’s annual spring festival coming, the town is full of visitors, unaware of the unnatural menace creeping toward them from the woods…

“Fast paced and always creepy, this is one author that aims to kill and never misses.” – Jeremy Robinson, author of INSTINCT and THRESHOLD

“Hold onto your pants, because Nicholson is about to scare them off.”- J.A. Konrath, ORIGIN

“Always surprises and always entertains.”- Jonathan Maberry, PATIENT ZERO and ROT & RUIN

“A gallery of fine characters, a remote location, and an alien entity bent on feeding. Nicholson has cooked up a perfect tale from this simple recipe, and the result will fill your dreams.”–William Meikle, author of THE INVASION and THE VALLEY

“A fresh and true voice that will affect you, disturb you, enrage you, or make you laugh. He will not, however, leave you cold.”–Kevin J. Anderson, co-author of the Dune series
Author’s preferred and DRM-free edition of the 2003 paperback “The Harvest.” From #1 Kindle bestselling author of 20 paranormal, mystery, and suspense thrillers including LIQUID FEAR, THE RED CHURCH, AS I DIE LYING, SPEED DATING WITH THE DEAD, DISINTEGRATION, and DRUMMER BOY, as well as six story collections, including THE FIRST, GATEWAY DRUG, and ZOMBIE BITS. He’s also created the comics GRAVE CONDITIONS and DIRT and the children’s books IF I WERE YOUR MONSTER, TOO MANY WITCHES, and DUNCAN THE PUNKIN.

Kindle Edition: Check Amazon for Pricing Digital Only

Nobody’s Slave by Tim Vicary

Nobody’s Slave: a life-changing voyage

Two boys meet on a voyage that transforms their lives.

Madu, a young African, is captured by the English slave-trader, Sir John Hawkins. Tom Oakley is a young sailor in charge of the slaves. At first the two boys hate each other. But as the story develops their roles are reversed, and they become closer friends than either would have once believed possible.

This book is a WINNER of the Kindle Book Award 2014
A fast-moving drama based on real historical events. History as you never learned it in school!

‘I read this book in one sitting. I could NOT put it down! I felt like I was watching a movie unfold that kept me absolutely riveted from beginning to end.’ Jesse Norman.

‘I could not put this book down. It should definitely be part of the American School curriculum. I learned so much and it filled me with a new passion for historical fiction. The author has created a sensory rich atmosphere filled with characters and locations that come to life. The book enables us to put ourselves into the skin of a young African boy and see, smell, hear and feel all his incredible adventures and horrors as clearly as if we were there.’ Michelle M, Amazon reviewer.

‘Marvellous … I almost think that this book should be taught in the high schools as it gives such a human “face” to slavery in Africa at the hands of the English. Highly recommended.’ Brenda Maxwell.

‘A literary epic adventure … an EXCELLENT story.’ Samantha Ryan.

‘A fast-paced tale of danger, adventure and drama … deeply steeped in historical fact, and with real characters from the past.’ Mark Williams.

‘Tim Vicary’s clear and fluent style is, as always, a delight to read and his research is impeccable. The world he presents is utterly believable, his characters live and breathe. An emotional roller-coaster of a book.’Author Jenny Twist.

‘Definitely recommended to fans of historical fiction, or anyone who enjoys and intense and fulfilling read.’Stacy Decker.

Kindle Edition: Check Amazon for Pricing Digital Only