The Trials by Timothy Underwood

The Trials: A Pride and Prejudice Story

Elizabeth and Darcy do not meet again at Pemberley…

After Mr. Bennet died and Mr. Gardiner went bankrupt, Elizabeth became the governess of Lady Catherine’s unwanted ward. One day she collided with Mr. Darcy in the halls of Rosings. He was sweet and kind, and Elizabeth quickly fell in love with him. But it was too late for her: Mr. Darcy was engaged to his cousin, Anne.

Lady Catherine called Darcy to Rosings after she learned about Georgiana’s near elopement to Wickham. She gave Darcy a terrible choice: Marry Anne, or I shall tell the world!

Then Darcy saw Elizabeth again. He knew then that he had never ceased to love her. And she now loved him in return. Darcy was torn between protecting his sister and the desperate wishes of his heart. But when Darcy at last sees a hope for himself and Elizabeth, something terrible happens that may keep them apart forever…

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