Stealing Heaven by Heather Ingman

Stealing Heaven (Kindle Edition)

Liz Miller has returned to the Yorkshire town of Whitby after eighteen years away, to help her elder sister Kate dismantle the family home following their mother’s death.

Liz has spent the years living a bohemian existence in Paris, Dublin and Boston, while sensible Kate is a university lecturer, married with a teenage daughter.

The sisters are uneasy with one another, each trying to disguise the fact that her life is less than happy.

Liz is fleeing from a failed relationship, while Kate is reluctant to admit that her husband is having an affair and that her daughter has been suspended from school for taking drugs.

And there’s another secret, buried deep in the past, which neither sister wishes to confront…

This rich and compelling novel tells the story of two very different women coming to terms with their shared past and making stark choices about the future.

‘A moving story of choices and regrets.’ – Holly Kinsella, best-selling author of ‘Uptown Girl’.

Heather Ingman is the best-selling author of seven novels. Two, including STEALING HEAVEN, have been translated into German. She has lived in Scotland, France and Ireland and is currently Adjunct Professor in the School of English, Trinity College, Dublin. Her teaching and academic interests focus on women’s fiction. Her academic publications include WOMEN’S INTER-WAR FICTION (Edinburgh University Press, 1998), A HISTORY OF THE IRISH SHORT STORY (Cambridge University Press) and IRISH WOMEN’S

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